Dave & Brent have partnered with MADD Greater Fredericton to support our local community & those who have been affected, while educating the public in hopes to stop impaired driving and support victims of this violent crime.

For every property SOLD by Dave & Brent, they will make a $100 donation to MADD Greater Fredericton

New Brunswick imposes new measures for impaired drivers starting November 1 2017

Chris O’Connell, New Brunswick’s registrar of motor vehicles, says about 1,000 people are convicted of alcohol-impaired driving in NB each year.

Anyone convicted of impaired driving will have their vehicle impounded for up to two months and have a mandatory ignition interlock device installed in their vehicle when they get their licence back, making the province one of the country’s toughest on impaired driving.

B.C. imposed impoundment in 2010 and it reduced impaired driving crashes by 50%. Alberta did the sane and it reduced crashes by 43%

According to statistics Canada, NB is one of only two provinces where the number of impaired drivers under the age of 20 has actually decreased in the last six years.

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